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น้ำมันปั๊มลม Castrol Aircol PD 32, 46, 68, 100, 150

น้ำมันปั๊มลม Castrol Aircol PD 32, 46, 68, 100, 150
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น้ำมันเครื่องอัดอากาศ น้ำมันปั๊มลม CASTROAL AIRCOL PD



The modern tendency in the field of air compressor design and manufacture is towards  higher capacities in small units. In consequence, loads and temperatures have become higher, and demands on the lubricants more onerous. Very high air discharge temperatures are more common, and air compressor fires rarely but also more dangerous. Compressor explosions which have been a worrying feature in the past, represent increasing hazards. Modern units show greater recognition by the manufacturers of the influence of air duct design and air velocity on the incidence of fires and explosions, but the type and quality of the lubricating oils used are still dominant factors in minimising the risks.



The Castrol  Aircol PD range is approved by leading compressor manufacturers, and can confidently be recommended to promote efficient, economical and safe operation in air compressors of all types. The following characteristics of Aircol PD oils contribute to  their high performance :-

*  Excellent resistance to oxidation.

*  Minimum carbonisation and fire and explosion risks.

*  Longer maintenance and overhaul intervals.

*  Reduced valve replacement and delivery pipework cleaning.

*  Minimum down time of compressors.

*  Lower oil consumption.

*  Extended oil drain intervals.

*  Superior protection against rusting and corrosion.

*  Easy low temperature starting.


Since Castrol  Aircol PD grades cover the varying requirements of oil application involved in splash from crankcases, direct feed and oil flooding, it is not to be expected that all the above benefits apply in all cases. For instance, reduction in carbonisation would hardly apply in oil flooded systems in which carbonisation is not a problem, nor would lower oil consumption and extended oil  drain  intervals be  achieved in  drip-feed  applications. However,  most  of  the benefits, leading to overall efficiency, and safety, are conferred whatever the manner in which the oils applied, and endorse the Castrol  Aircol PD grades as very high quality air compressor oils.



Castrol  Aircol  PD oils have been developed to meet all the lubrication requirements of air compressors, and are recommended not only for the cylinders of high performance portable and stationary reciprocating units but also for rotary compressors, whether drip-fed or oil flooded, for crankcases and for oil reservoirs in circulation systems generally. In line with the DIN 51506 specification, they are recommended for air compressors with air discharge temperatures up to 20oC but, in fact, these oils have given excellent results in compressors in which much higher air discharge temperatures have been recorded.


                        TYPICAL  CHARACTERISTICS :

                                                             PD32            PD46          PD68          PD100          PD150 

ISO ViscosityGrade                               32                46                 68               100               150

Relative Density @20oC                0.870           0.870            0.865           0.875           0.880

Kinematic Viscosity

@40oCcSt                                             32.0             46.0            68.0            100.0             150.0

@100oCcSt                                           5.57             6.67            8.57             11.4               15.0

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